User Note For Downloading GIS Files


The data files found in each folder here are stored in zip-compressed (.zip) archive files to help organize them and expedite download speeds. In order to use these files in ArcGIS Explorer (or any other GIS program), the contents of each zip folder must be extracted and saved on your local hard drive.We recommend creating separate folders for separate geographies:

        GW Region (Regional)

        Caroline Co

        King George Co

        Spotsylvania Co

        Stafford Co

        City of Fredericksburg

After creating these target folders on your local hard drive, copy the contents of each corresponding folder on the GWRC FTP site to your local drive.


If you donít have WinZip, PKZip or another zip utility program, the free ZIPPER (.exe) utility program is available in the GIS folder for download and user instructions can be found in the file:

Zip and Unzip Utility for Windows - How to use.mht



Data users are invited to send questions or comments regarding the data files to GWRC staff:

Kevin F Byrnes, AICP

Director of Regional Planning & Regional Demographer

George Washington Regional Commission

406 Princess Anne St

Fredericksburg VA 22401

(540) 373-2890